Ögon och Öron, i.e. Eyes and Ears, is a multifaceted company. We solve spatial matters for different sized events. Our speciality lies in creating enticing atmospheres through light and sound. We add character to rooms by creating extraordinary visuals through analogue craft. Our main focus is delivering uplifting and immersive experiences for participants through audiovisual design. We love making new concepts that are tailored for your needs, whether that be an event of 2000 people or much less.

Ögon och Öron offer key talent in creating salient spaces in a unique way. View our gallery to catch a glimpse of some previous work.

Ögon och Öron has long experience in the hotel, restaurant, bar, club, event and music industry. We develop concepts for start ups as well as evole existing businesses. Services that we offer:

  • Conceptual design
  • Audiovisual content
  • Sound & Light design
  • Sound system distribution

The Dot Audio sound system completly knocked us out when we were looking for a new sound system for our club mmmmm a couple of years ago. After talking to the Dot Audio guys we realised that they were also looking for someone like us. This was the start of a tight co-operation between ÖoÖ and some of the most revered people in the sound industry in Sweden.

Ögon och Öron is the general distributor and concept developer for Dot Audio. Contact us here for prices, rental possibilities, demos and partnership.