Ögon och Öron, i.e. Eyes and Ears, is a multifaceted company. We solve spatial matters for different sized events. Our speciality lies in creating enticing atmospheres through light and sound. We add character to rooms by creating extraordinary visuals through analogue craft. Our main focus is delivering uplifting and immersive experiences for participants through audiovisual design. We love making new concepts that are tailored for your needs, whether that be an event of 2000 people or much less.

Ögon och Öron offer key talent in creating salient spaces in a unique way. View our gallery to catch a glimpse of some previous work.

ÖoÖ offerings at a glance:

  • Conceptual design
  • Audiovisual content
  • Sound & Light design
  • Sound system distribution

In 2016 Ögon och Öron bought the first prototype of Dot Audio's sound system. The following year we took crucial part in their brand launch and thereafter continued our collaboration as their promoters. Dot Audio has become known for its super clear and punchy sound that has made a great impact on the Stockholm club scene. Since then, our involvement has helped to spread their sound systems in the electronic music scene all around Europe.

Dot Audio is a Swedish established company from Norrtälje town, north of Stockholm. Needless to say we are proud of our collaboration with Dot Audio, as they are accurately described as the heavyweights of sound delivery.

Ögon och Öron are the main distributor and agent for Dot Audio sound systems. Contact us for inquiries.